USDF Instructor/Trainer Program

The USDF Instructor/Trainer Program consists of two parts – educational workshops and Instructor Certification testing – and it is designed to educate amateurs and professionals who wish to further their education in the classical system of dressage. This program is broken down into two groups: Training through Fourth Levels and FEI Levels.

Instructor Certification is currently offered at the following levels. To learn more, click the buttons below.

  • Training Through Fourth Levels
    • Certified Instructor/Trainer: Training through First Level
    • Certified Instructor/Trainer: Second Level
    • Certified Instructor/Trainer: Third through Fourth Level
  • FEI Levels
    • Certified Instructor/Trainer: FEI A
    • Certified Instructor/Trainer: FEI B

It is recommended anyone interested in becoming a certified instructor start by attending a workshop series. Attending a workshop in not mandatory for certification at Training - Fourth Levels, but the workshop are designed to provide opportunity to learn about classical theories of riding, training, teaching and lunging of the horse and lungeing of the rider.

If you have questions or need more information, contact the Instructor/Trainer Program Liaison at (859) 971-2277 or

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