USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program

Designed to educate amateurs and professionals who wish to further their education in the classical system of dressage, this revamped program makes education more accessible to the general membership, offers new pathways for those seeking to become certified instructors, and provides more resources for professionals.

The goals of the program are to provide education from the grassroots to the professional level; to provide access to online resources and learning modules; to set instructor certification standards of proficiency; to provide instructor certification opportunities; and to align the education of dressage participants at every level to the standards and levels of proficiency from Training Level through Grand Prix.

The program offers three components:

  • Online Education and Resources

    Open to all USDF members, online courses and resources are available to help further educate the dressage community and expose the dressage enthusiast to a broad variety of training and general education topics.

    Visit the USDF University to access online content on a variety of topics. To find online learning modules specifically designed for the Instructor/Trainer Development Program click here.

  • Dressage Development Seminars

    Open to anyone seeking to gain knowledge, these seminars can be delivered via live event, either in a classroom setting or virtually. The first day will be geared toward a general audience and large group and features demonstration riders.  An optional second day of the seminars are designed for a small group and feature a hands-on education experience for participants.

    These seminars are focused on the core curriculum in riding/training, teaching and lunging.

    Find a Seminar

  • Professional Development

    This new pathway is for those who are interested in certification and future professional development. Those participating in this pathway will have access to mentors and additional resources to help guide and advise them on their journey to certification. For professionals at various levels, a new path makes certification more accessible.

For more information, contact the program liaison at 859-971-2277 or  For a complete schedule of Instructor/Trainer Development Programs offered, visit the USDF Education Calendar.

To watch a video on the new program, view the Dressage4Kids Intro to the Revamped USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program.

The Dressage Foundation offers several grants for instructors seeking certification and professional development. Visit their website for more information.

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