Attend USDF Workshops, Clinics or Programs

USDF hosts many diverse programs and events throughout the year. Adult amateurs are eligible to attend any of these USDF programs when meeting the program’s criteria. Find these opportunities and more under the Education tab.

Instructor/Trainer Program

This program is designed to educate amateurs and instructors, at all levels, who wish to further their education in the classical system of dressage. Workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for all students of dressage to expand their knowledge in lungeing, riding and teaching. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a certified instructor, adult amateurs can benefit greatly by attending workshops as a participant, auditor or a demo rider.

L Education Program

Did you know that adult amateurs can become L graduates and judge schooling shows while keeping their adult amateur status? Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a judge, the Part 1 sessions (A, B and C) are perfect for adult amateurs at every level. These 3 sessions are the educational foundation of the program and can really help riders understand both the mechanics of their riding and the biomechanics of how horses move while being ridden correctly and incorrectly. Learn how judges recognize and evaluate proper training and riding. Auditing is allowed at a reduced fee making this an affordable education program for those on a budget.

Continuing Education in Dressage Judging

This program provides continuing education opportunities, on a regional level, for licensed judges, USDF "L" Graduates and those enrolled in the USDF L Program, all of which can be adult amateurs. Many of these programs also allow auditors where you can listen in at a reduced price and without the requirements the participants must meet.

Adult Clinics

These clinics are open to riders of all levels and are aimed at educating the audience; this is not your typical riding clinic. The selection committee pulls a mix of adult amateurs and professionals (who usually have a body of adult amateur students) to be demo riders in these clinics and clinicians are sensitive to the varying needs of all of the riders. Each series is a little different with the clinician offering their expertise.

FEI Youth Clinics

While the riders are restricted to ages 14-21, and 12-14 riding FEI ponies, everyone is encouraged to audit these clinics. These are phenomenal opportunities to see top trainers work with horses and riders across many levels and on problems that all riders can face. This is quality education for everyone.

Trainers Conference

This program focuses on the FEI levels. There are attendance criteria and there are many ways that adult amateurs can meet those criteria. You can attend Trainers Conference if you:

  • Are a USDF L Program Graduate
  • Placed in the top 10 of a USDF Year End Award at an FEI level
  • Have received your USDF Gold or Silver Medal
  • Are the guest of an eligible attendee and are riding, training or competing at the FEI Level (Your coach might be eligible and can bring you along)

Take advantage of this opportunity to watch the world’s top trainers address the everyday issues riders at the FEI levels of the sport encounter in their training.

Sport Horse Prospect Development Program

The forum is intended for trainers, owners and breeders, many of which are adult amateurs. The goal of the program is the development of a consistent training foundation for all sport horse prospects and will bridge the educational gap between the current USDF Sport Horse In-Hand Program and the USEF Young Horse Program in the training of sport horse prospects as they progress from in-hand to under-saddle and eventual competition.

Sport Horse Seminars and Handlers Clinics

These clinics will appeal to any adult amateur interested in young horses. These programs educate breeders, riders, trainers, and potential owners about the qualities to look for in a sport horse and how to rate them as well as the basics of preparing a horse to be shown in-hand.


This is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference! Convention attendees may attend any of the open committees meeting and share their thoughts and ideas. Attend the Board of Governors meeting to find out how USDF is working for you. Participate in roundtable discussions with members from your region and across the country. There are several educational opportunities offered throughout the week as well.

If you are a USDF Group Member, apply for the Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant, which allows one deserving individual to attend the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention by providing funds to cover the cost of attendance.

For more information on USDF workshops, clinics and programs please contact us at