Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The following Lifetime Achievement Award winners, through their unselfish, dedicated efforts represent the many ways in which USDF has been served, supported, and influenced into becoming what it is today.

Name Year
Lois Yukins 2021
Terry Ciotti Gallo 2021
Fern Feldman 2019
Samuel Barish 2016
Lloyd Landkamer 2015
Maryal Barnett 2014
Janine Malone 2014
Marilyn Heath 2013
Judith Noone 2010
John "Jack" Kimball 2010
Ellin Dixon Miller 2007
Col. Clarence Edmonds 2005
Kay Meredith 2004
Marianne Ludwig 2003
Peter Lert 2003
Elizabeth "Liz" Searle 2002
Lazelle Knocke 2002