USDF Instructor/Trainer Development Program
Professional Development

Developed to provide education and resources for instructors seeking certification (and those already certified), this new component will provide access to mentors and additional educational opportunities for continued personal growth. The intent of Professional Development is to help instructors and trainers move toward certification. Interested instructors and trainers must apply, meeting specified criteria, and once approved will have access to the resources offered. For more information about the Mentor Program and additional education resources, click here.

The following outlines the program:

  • Submit an application for review and approval into the program.
    • The application process includes the completion of identified online learning modules (and passing the associated quiz).
    • Applicants NOT already certified and requesting to become certified at Second Level or above will be required to submit a video showing their lungeing skills. This video can be submitted with the submission of a Professional Development application (coming soon).
  • Once approved, applicants will have access to mentors and additional online education resources.
  • Attendance at a Professional Development Assessment is required, with a positive recommendation, before moving forward to a certification exam.

USDF certifies instructors at the following levels:

For more information on Professional Development contact the program liaison at

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